Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers – Timbernate Spotted Gum 5G Click

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All Laminate Flooring is sold in packs. Packs cannot be broken. See pack coverage ( under Product Specifications below ) to figure out how many packs you need. You need to put the pack number in the quantity field

For example if your room is 5m2, you will need 3 packs. ( 5 divided by 2.045 = 2.44 ) The nearest pack is 3. Always allow 5% for wastage to be safe.



  • Finish: Semi Gloss
  • Size: 1800mm x 142mm x 12mm
  • Pack Coverage: 2.045m2
  • Type: Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers
  • Warranty: Lifetime Structural 20 years Domestic Wear


  • Real Timber Veneer on FSC certified HDF
  • Stronger than normal timber due to patented*  technique
  • Heavy on beauty and Strength, Light on our environment

Timbernate Diamond Life Veneers® is the culmination of much experimentation and exhaustive testing in conjunction with one of Europe’s leading coating specialists. This patented* state of the art technique provides the hardness needed to produce an extremely strong veneered flooring product with excellent indentation and scratch resistance. *Australian Patent pending No2011236087.

Diamond Life Veneers® uses 100% Australian species timber, locally sourced from Australian PEFC certified suppliers, suitable for the harsh Australian climate. It is an ecoSelect timber with the benefits of being environmentally friendly and using reconstituted products.

Wood is truly warmer in all cases unlike laminate when you walk on it. It sounds and feels different to other floor coverings, not one design comes close to Mother Nature, and Mother Nature only makes unique things. Not one timber floor looks like another.

Diamond Life Veneers® brings sheer beauty of a natural timber floor with less impact on the environment and your budget


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